PICE Learning Basic Computer Course Importance

Why learning Basic Computer is so Important?

PICE Learning Basic Computer Course Importance

PICE Learning Basic Computer Course importance. As today different sectors use computers on a daily basis. Following are examples of some usage of computers.

Health and Medicine:

Digitized prescription, reports are common nowadays. Computation in the field of medicine allows us to offer varied miraculous therapies to the patients. ECG’s, radiotherapy wasn’t possible without computers. Hospital use of computers also includes maintaining an inventory of drugs and managing payroll for employees.
The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) cannot be accessed without a computer.

Financial Institutions:

Spreadsheet applications are used to run day-to-day financial tasks. These task can be compiling financial data, presenting the data in an organized manner. Or it can be through the use of charts and graphs, drawing budgets and calculations of complex transactions. Having detailed financial records helps an organization to continually audit and analyze business performance.

Pass Time:

Entertainment? Music? Movie? Songs? Game?…. Leisure moments are made more interesting by Computer.

Transport System:

With internet and computer transport is much easier nowadays. Booking a ticket for a bus, train or plane is very simple and easy. Even delays are announced on computer.

Business and Corporate Stages:

Every single information shared can be recorded by using computer. Official deals and the issues were made even through online. Email system to exchange the information is very common nowadays. It has wide uses in marketing, stock exchanges and bank. Even the departmental stores can’t run effectively without computer.


Computer is used for even grocery shopping.


Many defence technologies are created, maintained and used via computer.


The designing of a building or architectures or magazines or prints or newspapers or books and many others are done on a computer.


Dominantly used in this field for research or for learning or for distant courses or as leaning tool itself, today more than half of the education system depends upon computer.

PICE Learning Basic Computer Course Importance

PICE Learning Basic Computer Course Importance

Thus one can see that computer is used directly or indirectly in almost every sphere. Learning computer is not only an advantage but also a necessity today.

PICE brings to you Basic Computer Course so that one is not ignorant or helpless when faced with the technology that governs today.

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